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PT Pusan Manis Mulia was established in 1975. Passing the intervening years through the dedication,drive and initiative of the management, and every member of the staff, PT Pusan Manis Mulia has rapidly expanded and now become one of the largest manufacturer of food and beverage in Indonesia, producing a full spectrum covering bubble gum, chewing gum, compressed candy, hard candy, soft candy, jellies,chocolate, cake and beverage. Continually looking at ways to improve the standard of quality products and innovation to enrich the worlds taste.


We are focused on developing new product, product innovations and ensuring quality standard of product that are maintained


We adapt to the latest technologies in equipment ,raw material and services as our strength to be a competitive.


Situated on a land of 15 hectares, our production an area of 10.000 meter2 with a total of 2800 workers.Having a population of 230 million with low income, our products have the competitiveness so that people from Indonesia as well as from abroad can afford and enjoy our product. Although we have more than hundred specialties machines to fulfill the responsibility Social companies and the needs for field workers in Indonesia, we strive to develop employment opportunities.


Our products are available across the archipelago of Indonesia through a wide network of distribution. Our partners, mostly have been growing with us for many years. Globally, we have distributed our products to over 60 countries across the continent , where required of regulations in each country , languages and certain specification we can provide.

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