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PT Pusan Manis Mulia was established in 1975.

Passing the intervening years through the dedication, drive and initiative of the management, and every member of the staff

PT Pusan Manis Mulia has rapidly expanded and now become one of the largest manufacturer of food and beverage in Indonesia, producing a full spectrum covering bubble gum, chewing gum, compressed candy, hard candy, soft candy, jellies, chocolate, cake and beverage. Continually looking at ways to improve the standard of quality products and innovation to enrich the worlds taste.

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Gum Base

Gumbase is one of the masticatory raw materials used in bubble gum and chewing gum manufacture, acting as a media to hold the soluble elements within the gum. There are many gumbases to suit consumer requirements pertaining to application, texture and function. We produce a wide range of bases to suit most applications (e.g. Hollow Balls, Cut and Wrap, Rolling and Scouring, and also Liquid Filled). Our bases are designed to accommodate a high level of flavour to ensure the final product performs to the highest possible standard. Concentrated gumbases with low-filler content to maximise performance are also available. For your particular needs, pricing and further information, please contact us.

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